HeapHero Web – Remote Location

In HeapHero enterprise edition web tool we have introduced a new feature called Remote Location. Using this feature now you can pass the http(s) URL location of your heap dump in the request.

Say suppose, you have stored your heap dump files in a remote location like AWS S3 bucket. In those cases, if you want to analyze your heap dumps then you will have to download files to your local machine and then upload heap dump to HeapHero tool. It can be a time consuming task. To make it simple we have introduced a new option in heaphero home page. If heap dumps are present in remote locations, you can specify the http(s) URL in the remote location input box. HeapHero will download the heap dump file from this remote location, do the analysis and display heap report.

Fig: Shows Remote Location tab in HeapHero home page

Click on the “Remote Location” tab and paste http(s) remote location of your heap dump.

Fig: Shows how to add http(s) remote URL

Once you add http(s) URL click on the Analyze button. The tool will download your heap dump from the remote location and display the report.

Our heapHero web tool supports the following 13 file compress formats: zip, gz, xz, z, bz2, deflate, lz4, lzma, sz, zstd, tgz, tar, tar.gz. Compressing files is the process of making them smaller in terms of the number of bytes of data that they contain. We recommend you to compress and upload heap dump files for fast and efficient processing.

Note: Remote Location feature is only available in the HeapHero Enterprise edition.

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