Surviving Covid19 – Effective way to cut-down IT spending!

Covid19 pandemic has already put a deep economic dent globally. US stock market has experienced the worst crash since 1987. Sooner or later, Enterprises have to figure out a plan to run their organizations on tight budgets. In this below 10 minute interview, our architect Ram Lakshmanan is sharing an effective way to cut down enterprise IT spending 20 – 30% without doing any lay-offs.

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Confoo Canada 2019 conference

Confoo montreal is one of the well run, well-attended conference in Canada. This is one of the conferences where they serve 3-course hot lunch meals in a proper dining table with proper silverware :-). Great speakers all around the world, enthusiastic attendees, pleasant ambience (hotel Bonaventure), meticulous organization, beautiful Montreal city – all essential characteristics to make up an excellent conference.

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